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HOPE Humane Society

Adoption Lobby will be open and staffed on Wednesday, June 19th and Friday, June 21st from 2pm-6pm. We have a few of our pitties left that need homes. Meet and greets are encouraged with other fur kids.

A special THANK YOU to the volunteers helping on Wednesday and Friday!

Click the album to see who’s available!
(NOTE: Tray has been adopted♥️)
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I'm so proud of y'all for all the hard work and effort that went into finding all these babies homes! I literally teared up through all of your tours through the shelter, and each time I read the success stories!!! Thank all of you for the wonderful work you did! Great job!!!❤

Thank yall so much for working so tirelessly to find these last babies a home yall are wonderful!

Can we get updated photos of the 8 left? Let's get the word out and help capture the heart of the people.

Catherine Zinke

How much is the adoption fee?

What are pitties?

Are any of them good with cats, other dogs, and children

Karen Williams these are the ones left

How many dogs do u have left

Cheyenne Derr

Lewis Hawkins

Leticia Aguilar

There have been many questions and speculation about the cemetery at HOPE. We have created a Cemetery Preservation Committee that will meet with any prospective buyer to make sure that the wishes of our pet parents are effectively communicated and lobbied for and the best interests of all involved are served. We will do our best but obviously cannot promise or guarantee the outcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for doing this for the Cemetery and all of us! We appreciate all of your help in this matter!

Thank you for doing this!

Thank you for all you and your staff have done to make sure the fur babies have homes.

I have 4 buried there.

please keep us all posted about the cemetery i have 2 out there and i dont want them removed unless i do it myself we all need to know that have furbabies out there on what is going to happen

Lori Arnold Burton

What happened with the city coming to look at building. I think it’s shameful ft Smith won’t have s shelter

Marta Pierson Love

Heather Lewis England

Billie Thompson

Thank you guys for doing your best 💜 Veronica Bird

What will happen with all the equipment - bowls, buckets, crates, portable pens, collars, leashes, etc.?

I still would like to have my daughter’s plaque for the free kitten range. Do not just toss it. I gave $500 donation to help the newest kittens to have a room to them selves. I was sadly disappointed by what was done for the kittens.

Rebecca Lynn Buchanan making sure you saw this

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We started a two year plan to go No Kill on April 1, 2016, and we’re making great strides.  This plan is a major undertaking for us and we will not be able to achieve this goal without the help and support of the whole community!

A little love goes a long way and getting involved is easy! Volunteer, donate, attend an event – why not right now? With your support, every animal has a future.

HOPE Humane Society is the largest Humane Society in the State of Arkansas and receives no state or federal funding. It is a local organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Sebastian County and the surrounding areas. HOPE Humane Society is funded by contributions from area individuals and businesses, special fundraising events, and the annual dues paid by its members.

It costs $19.00 a day to care for each animal in the shelter. There are 400 to 500 animals in the shelter at any given time. The shelter spays or neuters every adoptable animal that comes through the shelter to prevent overpopulation in our area. The shelter microchips every adoptable animal that comes through the shelter to make sure if they are lost they can be returned to their rightful owner.

Please help us care for a dog or cat in need. Your tax deductible gift no matter how small or large will help us to house, feed, and provide medical care for more than 7,200 animals per year. Donate today!

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