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16 hours ago

HOPE Humane Society

TEDDY’s “Walk of Freedom”!
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Aww sweet teddy love u buddy

Teddy!!! I love you! Have a happy life my sweet friend!

I am so happy for you Teddy!!!

Check out TEDDY’s adoption pics with his new sister and brother in the “Sunday adoption pics” post!♥️

Teddy looks thrilled! When he was in parking lot going to car, did you 👀 the happy skip when one could tell he was actually realizing that he was not following the old routine of going back into a cage or shelter. What a wonderful family he now has LOL!!!❤

He looks so happy

Happy tears for Teddy!!!! 🐾❤️

I wanted to share a picture of him at his new house here in the comments but it won’t let me! He is adjusting well and fitting right in! ❤️

I am soooooo excited for him. I was there when he came in and honestly thought he wouldn't make it. He came through only with getting to know what love is💖💖💖


So beautiful. Made me cry! Happy Tails Teddy! You’re going home. ♥️🐶

You go, Teddy & have the "Most Wondetful" life with your new Family!

You can tell when Teddy gets to the edge of the sidewalk he looks to the left at the adoption van that’s parked off camera. When he realizes they’re not going left but are going straight ahead he starts to “happy trot”! Omg I cry every single time at that moment!♥️

Teddy couldn't wag that tail and walk fast enough with his new family! Just awesome!

Alyssa Manning ❤️❤️❤️❤️ teddy looks like Bruno!

A happy day

Spoil that boy rotten!!

Terrific folks!

Joey McElroy!!

17 hours ago

HOPE Humane Society

I’m not crying you’re crying!
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Check out TEDDY’s adoption pics with his new sister and brother in the “Sunday adoption pics” post!♥️

So happy for teddy to get his forever home 💗

I am so happy Teddy has a new family. He is such a sweet dog and you could tell how happy he is with his new family when they were walking him around

Lucky Teddy. Congratulations to everyone.

Yay!!! So happy for this cutie!!

Absolutely ecstatic this boy finally gets his forever home!!

Absolutely ecstatic this boy finally gets his forever home!!

You are right I am crying

Yay! Go Teddy, go family!

That's awesome.

Das’a good boi!

Go get em Teddy, have a very happy life. You see Teddy good things come to those who wait.

Joey McElroy!!!

I’m crying! Yay Teddy!

Y'all dont forget about the little puppies left they will be ready before ya know it my son was up at 230 this morning taking care of little Charlie

20 hours ago

HOPE Humane Society

5 babies going to great homes!!♥️
11-4 at PetSmart on Rogers across from Central Mall!
We even have a “meet and greet” play room if you want to bring your current dog to introduce them!
SPOILER ALERT—>TEDDY’s adoption pics with his new sister and brother are at the end as the grand finale!!♥️🐶🏡
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Im happy these fur babies have forever homes. I’ll say thanks God, since these precious fur babies can’t. 😊💕😊

I love this adoption!

Love Love Love !!!

She looks very happy

Congratulations Ginger! On your new life and family

Thank you for adopting this precious girl!❤️❤️

What a beautiful family! ❤

No black dogs got adopted


Awwww looks like Ginger is in love!

She’s so happy to have someone to love and love her back!! I’m crying.

Alyssa Manning look at how happy she is it have a family!😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

She picked him as much as they picked her😍🤗warm fuzzies


22 hours ago

HOPE Humane Society

We have 23 furbabies that need to go home today!

We will be at PetSmart from 11-4!
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Hope some of those sweet looking black and white dogs got homes.

OMG they are all so cute

Teddy said the storm is over so come to PetSmart with the cool kids🙌🐶♥️
This handsome man and the other awesome dogs are here today until 6 and tomorrow 11-4!
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Teddy said the storm is over so come to PetSmart with the cool kids🙌🐶♥️
This handsome man and the other awesome dogs are here today until 6 and tomorrow 11-4!

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This guy is so adorable!

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Linda McLargin Riddle

He's so handsome!

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We started a two year plan to go No Kill on April 1, 2016, and we’re making great strides.  This plan is a major undertaking for us and we will not be able to achieve this goal without the help and support of the whole community!

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HOPE Humane Society is the largest Humane Society in the State of Arkansas and receives no state or federal funding. It is a local organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Sebastian County and the surrounding areas. HOPE Humane Society is funded by contributions from area individuals and businesses, special fundraising events, and the annual dues paid by its members.

It costs $19.00 a day to care for each animal in the shelter. There are 400 to 500 animals in the shelter at any given time. The shelter spays or neuters every adoptable animal that comes through the shelter to prevent overpopulation in our area. The shelter microchips every adoptable animal that comes through the shelter to make sure if they are lost they can be returned to their rightful owner.

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